Yes, it's about time.

FancyPantsTheBlog is here. It is here to tell you why we do what we do, who is behind the laptop screen appreciating your good taste in clothing and writing your 'Thank You' cards.

It is here to show you way, way in advance what is going to trend & what to stop investing in for the next season. After all, we were the first ones to stock Patch Party & Velvet - six months ahead of the curve. That's our motto.

The blog will share stories of our star customers who've become our friends over time. Of course you'll get to meet our friends who have become our star customers - sharing our journey till today.

So get ready for a fun, bold, honest & slightly crazy blog with us! We'll take you behind the scene in our cute studio, sneak peeks of products we fall for the first time we see them, runway shows that make us take tons of screenshots & get super pumped to bring you all the best styles. But most of all, the people who make FancyPants happen everyday - you & us.