Planing to stay in this Valentine’s with the Love of lives?! Netflix, Food and some cozy pillows! Here are 10 movies you need to be binge watching this Valentine’s. A few classics and a few lost gems. Here we go. ...

  1. 1.P.S. I Love You
  2. Grab your box of tissues and get ready to sob because this is too cute. Gerry played by Gerard Butler leave his wife Holly 10 messages before he passes away to help her move on in life. Helping her stay strong, bonging her hope and staying by her side every step of the way Gerry sets some serious relationship goals. This is exactly what true love looks like.

  3. 2.The Notebook
  4. Who doesn’t know this classic

    We’ve all heard of this story before. Rich city girl meets poor country boy and end up falling in love which makes them realise the difference in their worlds and set their priorities right. Enduring separation, war and disease let’s see if this one ends to a happy ending.

  5. 3.Eat Pray Love
  6. This one is about self love

    Elizabeth Gilbert goes on a journey of self discovery after her divorce. Food, Meditation and travel helps her find her own self and eventually helps her find love. Watch this one for the scenic locations as Julia Roberts travels through Italy, India and Indonesia.

  7. 4.50 First Dates
  8. Worried about loosing the spark as your relationship goes on?! This couple doesn’t! Henry falls head over heels for Lucy only to find out that she has short term memory loss. Romancing her each day he wins her heart every time. This one you will not want to forget.

  9. 5.Confessions of a Shopaholic
  10. Now this is one we all can relate too. Shop so much that it lands you deep in debt?! Imagine then going on to talk about how to not land in debt. Not exactly practicing what you preach right?! Rebecca the shopaholic then goes to find out that true love is more real than her love for materialistic things. Join her in this journey and learn a bit or two about fashion too.

  11. 6.Valentine’s Day
  12. Well the name speaks for itself! This one is an amalgamation of how love works for different couples. While some struggle to find love those who have love by their side struggle to keep it alive. Set on Valentine’s Day this one is a easy pick to watch this day.

  13. 7.Twilight
  14. Love is the same between vampires and humans alike. Grown up to watch this series that takes you through the journey or Bella and Edward as they find out how much they can push themselves in the name of love.

  15. 8.Marley And Me
  16. This one is for those who loves their furry mates. A story of undying and undeniable love between the couple John and Jennifer and their adorable Labrador Marley. Watch Marley grow along with the couple’s growing family. The various phases between the family and the lab go to show how there is nothing more true in the world than the love of a dog.

  17. 9.The Proposal
  18. Sandra Bullock who plays a New York editor convinces her assistant to marry her in return of a promotion. A trip to Andrew’s home town leads to the two growing closer together and this bond grows into something unforeseen. Find out what this story leads to this Valentine’s.

  19. 10.My Best Friend’s Wedding
  20. This romantic comedy has set some serious relationship and fashion goals. A well to do entrepreneur hires Vivian a prostitute to accompany him to a few social events. Their love helps them overcome the gap between their very different worlds.