Black faux leather corset belt

This accessory has been seen and talked about world over. From the Kardashians to Jenners to the biggest names in fashion both in Hollywood and Bollywood have been adorning The Corset Belt.

Be it a summer dress, jackets, t-shirts or your loose tops, the corset belt makes them cooler instantly. It’s a trend to be tried this summer and it’s definitely the statement of the season.

Previously, we have seen corsets stitched in with dresses (recall: Kate Winslet getting ready in Titanic) but the belt we are seeing today is an adapted version of the old anti-feminist, rib-crushing version. Today, corset belts are an accessory for the modern woman to add a form to summer dresses and baggy tees. They can be easily laced up or buttoned. They are available in different colours and styles. Our favourite is the Gigi belt which features lace up detail without the hassle of actually lacing it up (thanks to convenient buttons at the back)

The tricky part? How to wear it right!

Here are 3 fool-proof ways you can wear the corset belt & nail the trend.

  1. 1) They can be teamed up with loose dresses to make them look more flattering.
  2. Bimini Sun Dress

  3. 2) A Plain T-shirt can look good with one of these and can make an outfit well defined.
  4. Gigi belt Black

  5. 3) Corset belts can even be put on fitted dresses and make it stand out..
  6. Paraguay dress with corset belt