1. 1. Take a long relaxing bubble bath
  2. Who doesn’t love a long relaxing bubble bath with the best smelling bath bombs. Quick showers when you’re late to work are just not enough. It’s time to let loose, relax and use up those bath bombs you have stacked up in your closet.

  3. 2. Splurge on quality skincare
  4. Have your eyes on luxury skincare but always back off when you see the price? It’s time to invest in quality skincare because these products will keep you glowing now and in the years to come. Though they might be a little heavy on the wallet you know your skin will thank you later.

  5. 3. Get new Lingerie and enjoy it yourself
  6. Sexy Lingerie is not just for your partner to enjoy. Feel great about yourself with new lingerie, which fits well and enhances your body making you feel good and look great.

  7. 4. Finally cook that recipe that’s been on your list:
  8. If you’re a foodie like us and are always on the lookout to try a new dish. You will have a few recipes marked in which you wanted to try but saved for a special occasion. How about cook yourself a comfort meal that will get you all warm and fuzzy inside. Good food is what you deserve.

  9. 5. Save yourself from getting killed by your overflowing closet:
  10. Been living like hobo with your closet stuffed and ready to blast every morning? The struggle is real and having a clean wardrobe will make your life easier and your day go by smoother. A clean, organized closet will mean you waste less time every morning looking for that blue top you bought just two days ago. You get to work on time and with new looks everyday.

  11. 6. Visit a dog shelter and find yourself a furry valentine
  12. Who doesn’t love a furry friend who you can run around with and get stress free. Spending time around animals, going bird watching or even talking to your little fish can be beneficial for your well being. Get healthy while still having fun with a furry friend and the best part?! They give the best cuddles.

  13. 7. Book a salon appointment, get a massage, a facial, mani pedi and why not a blowout!
  14. We know that you can save huge bucks with a DIY facial and a mani pedi session at home but nothing feels like your skin being cared for by a professional. Not only will it help you relax but it will also do wonders to your skin. So now is the time to book that appointment you’ve been delaying now.

  15. 8. Book yourself a Hotel room and have a Staycation
  16. Don’t have enough time to go on a vacation but still want a break from life? The answer to this is going on a staycation. We all have that one hotel we love in our city and it’d be the one you’d stay in if you were a tourist there. Book yourself a room in this hotel and get ready to enjoy the luxuries and amenities while saving up time and money on travel. This short break from your usual life and routine will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

  17. 9. Curl up an have a movie marathon
  18. Have a whole list of movies to watch and shows to catch up on but not enough time?! It’s time to check a few of them off the list. Curl up in your favorite blanket with a bucket of salted caramel popcorn and a glass of wine. It’s time to Netflix and Chill!

  19. 10. Book a styling session with us and get a mini makeover
  20. Impulse shoppers like us at times end up with clothes that look great by themselves but don’t look great together. It’s time to have great looks and not just great clothes. Book a styling session with us and let us put together an amazing wardrobe. Visit us at our newly launched store and let us be your Valentine.