Talisman Zodiac Necklace: Cancer

Rs. 899
Wear your luck around your neck with our super chic Talisman Zodiac Necklace! A perfect necklace to layer with other dainty ones, this summer staple will elevate your style game effortlessly! The pendant comes with a 28" minimal gold colour chain.
Cancer Dates: 21 June - 22nd July
Cancer is the mother, the healer and the group unconscious. The fourth sign of the zodiac is ruled by her emotions. In fact, Cancer is so empathetic that she physically feels others’ emotions, a trait that may make Cancer sensitive and sometimes moody, and yet, this is the same trait that allows Cancer to be a natural healer. Those born with their Sun in Cancer are fiercely loyal and and empathetic. 


Material: Alloy   

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