Talisman Zodiac Necklace: Virgo

Rs. 899
Wear your luck around your neck with our super chic Talisman Zodiac Necklace! A perfect necklace to layer with other dainty ones, this summer staple will elevate your style game effortlessly! The pendant comes with a 28" minimal gold colour chain.
Virgo Dates : 23rd August to 22nd September

Virgo is the martyr, the perfectionist, and the analyzer. The sixth sign in the zodiac is ruled by her intellect. By nature, Virgo is organized. This sign functions with clarity and precision in everything she does. Along with that trait, though, often comes self-criticism. Virgos may find themselves feeling like he/she “should” do this or that. Therefore, to be truly happy, it’s important for Virgo to learn the difference between judgment and perception and keep criticism at bay. 


Material: Alloy  

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