About Us

At FancyPants, we are on a mission to make you as passionate about looking great & feeling confident as we are.

Since 2012, we've been curating an uncompromising, bold and irreverent collection every month. Why irreverent, you ask? Because the people who say "Trends don't matter" also follow trends. Seen anyone wear puffy sleeves when off-shoulder was in? Don't think so.

Our approach is a modern day rebellion for style & confidence. A mad last-ditch stand to say - It doesn't matter what your problems are, you feel great when you step out in the right dress. You feel great in your new sunglasses when you look the best in your group photo.

This is fashion like it is. This is the reality of fashion.
This is fashion as it will be - changing with time & seasons - and who are we kidding? We always have to keep up.
This is FancyPants, just for me & you.

Our Story:

When Jankee & Stuti moved abroad for college, it took them no time to adjust to the fashion sensibilities of London, New York and Boston.

In London, Stuti’s transformation from wearing jeans and cute-everyday-tops to sporting a bolder 'Londoner' style that consisted of printed shirts, sheer leggings and wedges took only two trips to Oxford Circus. When she moved to New York, she realized that New Yorkers conformed to trends whilst keeping their individual sense of style intact. The next transformation was more about how to wear trends everyone was wearing, but taking the freedom to interpret it in her own way.

Jankee is one with more classic taste. She adapted to the New England charm by donning blazers, formal dresses and oversized satchels with as much ease as she picks up her daily Americano. Lately she has developed a love for statement jewelry and will surprise you by styling it with anything in her (neat-freak) closet.

We tell you our stories to convey the intent behind FancyPants. There is a reason we were able to develop and nurture our personal sense of style while wearing all the best trends: ACCESSIBILITY. We believe that we were able to discover our style for ourselves because so many kinds of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories were accessible to us. In everything we do, we believe that our customers should have the same shot at unearthing who they are; and believe us, your style can teach you some amazing stuff about yourself! So pick out that jacket even though it’s not what you may typically wear. Add those super trendy heels to your cart - you may find it makes you feel sexier. Trends give you the freedom of trying new things - take advantage of it. Let’s hear your friends say that you’ve transformed into a total FancyPants.